RBLearnX - An Introduction

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  • Is it possible to measure creativity and other soft skills development?
  • Is your kid a child prodigy in Mathematics? Can that be factored in regular progress card?
  • Your school has spent significant funds in a new education program. How effective is this program on student’s learning performances?
  • Can you succinctly summarize your learning progress in last 10 years?

We, at Report Bee wanted to answer these everyday questions with our expertise in Mathematical modelling and Data analysis. After months of rigorous research, we are presenting to you, RBLearnX, a learning index that provides a holistic view of a child's learning experience.

What is RBLearnX?

RBLearnX is a number that is assigned to a student at any given point of time as a measure of his learning experience, within and beyond the walls of the school.

The beauty of this index is that it is a positive unbounded number for a student that would help the student appreciate his holistic learning experience, not limiting to just academics. The index is designed to capture a student’s performance across different spheres like: academic, non-academic, attendance, leadership qualities, science talent exam / Olympiad etc.

RBLearnX - Aha Moments

Why is it distinct?

RBLearnX is unique to a student and at times, significantly different between students of same IQ within the same class. Reason being, each one of them goes through a diverse learning experience at a school, outside of the school and also at his own pace.

Math behind our RBLearnX:

The overall academic performance of a student in a year contributes to a corresponding increase in the index. This increase is adjusted with every round of examination that is recorded. Also, with every competition that a student participates, his/her index shows an increase. This results in a value that is unbounded - with every bit of learning a student acquires.

Our alliance with Chennai Mathematical Institute (CMI):

We were fortunate to get the intellectual support from Dr. Madhavan Mukund, CMI right from the start of the project. We began with the two main components that are tracked in a school currently, as a part of continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE) - Academic, Co-curricular performance.

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