An intuitive way to record a student's learning across disciplines

  • Records student's academic and co-scholastic performance

  • Mimics the thinking process of teachers (mind-map) with an easy to use "visual" record keeping system

  • Is designed to make mark entry simple and fast for teachers

  • Accommodates a wide range of requirements from different Education Boards and Countries

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A simple way to record and communicate attendance

  • Records daily student attendance

  • Sends SMS to the parents of absentee students

  • Supports entering of consolidated exam-wise or term-wise attendance

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Thinking Health Card

A comprehensive process to capture and report health information of a student

  • Allows schools to give students a first-of-its kind Health report

  • Is designed in partnership with expert doctors from renowned medical institutions

  • Is made simple to understand by categorizing important health parameters into important indices such as Nutrition, Hygiene, Behaviour, etc.

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A whole new platform for online tests. Allows more time to be dedicated to analysing student learning by reducing the time spend on admin work

  • Enables teachers to create and conduct both online and offline assessments

  • Offers "rich" questions with in-depth syllabus mapping thus enabling richer reporting and analysis

  • Tracks the performance of individual questions and assessments so publishers can improve the quality and relevance of learning materials

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Report Card

A child's learning told in beautiful stories

  • Beautiful, insightful report cards with rich analysis

  • Is customizable for any school's requirement

  • Can be securely accessed by parents from web or mobile

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A customizable class report with marks of all students for any subject and standard

  • Saves time for teachers by eliminating need to create mark sheets manually

  • Offers pre-configured templates to generate mark sheets in "one click"

  • Is customizable to meet the needs of individual teachers and the school

  • Improves the effectiveness of PTA and staff meetings

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Power of Character

A scientific way of building Character strengths in a child

  • Is an innovation by American psychologist Dr. Angela Duckworth through her work in the field of behavioural research

  • Is brought to schools in India by Report Bee

  • Is a path-breaking tool that assists students to lead a joyous and successful life by building character strengths

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04 insights


In-depth understanding of your school’s performance at a glance

  • Tracks the progress of a student's learning across years

  • Gives instant management reports for principals and teachers

  • Allows you to identify the strong and weak subjects in a section, standard and school


A gateway for parents to see their child's past and present learning

  • Harnesses the power of data to show a child's progress in each exam

  • Allows parents to view and download Report Cards and related reports

  • Is simple, secure and designed for convenient access by parents

  • Goes beyond the current academic year by showcasing the child's performance in previous academic years (special multi-year analysis feature)

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Connect with parents, teachers and students seamlessly

  • Becomes the communication platform for schools to connect with parents and teachers

  • Allows homework notifications and important school announcements can be communicated instantly to parents via SMS

  • Provides a quick option for internal school communication between school leadership and staff

  • Saves the complete history of SMS sent and provides delivery status

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Report Bee Parent app

A mobile App that give parents the power to monitor and take actions to improve their child’s progress

  • The App offers age-relevant digital products from publishers, test prep and skill development companies to benefit the child in his/her learnings.

  • In addition, the app can also be used by our customer schools to directly communicate with parents

    • Parents can view their child’s report cards and also identify strong and weak subjects

    • The school can send information to parents at no cost using the ‘Notifications ‘ feature

    • Parents can be kept constantly updated about school events using the ‘Calendar’ feature

Parent app

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